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Burnout paradise jansen 88 special

The Jansen P12 88 Special is a Legendary Car available in Burnout Paradise from the Burnout Store and is an upgraded version of the P The Update added a new Legendary Cars section to the Garage where players can view cars such as the 88 Special. To actually use it players have to. The Jansen Toy 88 Special is one of 4 Toy Legendary Cars that was added in the Players This vehicle is the Toy version of the Jansen P12 88 Special and shares the same visual features. This occurs when players drive the Toy 88 Special after previously exiting Burnout Paradise whilst driving the Toy 88 Special. Nov 10, First up is the Jansen 88 Special — capable of lighting its tire tracks on fire at 88 MPH and hovering at around head height. We've never heard of a Jansen, so we can only assume that either Burnout Paradise players are more car savvy than we are, or it's a slightly generified version of another, more.

Nov 8, After numerous updates, free content and even motorbikes, Criterion will be bringing a set of paid Legendary Cars to Burnout Paradise in This week, they unveiled the first of four, the Jansen 88 Special which is based on the fan favorite Jansen P And the first thing you'll notice is that this Back to. Dec 22, What it lacks in a Flux Capacitor and time circuits, Burnout Paradise's hover- enabled "Jansen 88 Special" more than makes up for in its ability to make us droo. Jun 15, Don't want to pony up the $8 to download Burnout Paradise's premium " Legendary" cars? Toy Hunter Cavalry Bootlegger - Jump from all 15 Island Mega Jumps; Toy Jansen P12 88 Special - Hit all 45 Island Billboards; Toy Carson GT Nighthawk - Complete all 24 Island Road Rules (Timed & Showtime) .


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