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9 Jun Executable version fpc «on: June 10, , am». How to extract the version number in the Lazarus, I am using FPC? Logged. Lazarus | FPC | Windows / Linux Debian. Laz4Android is a Lazarus for Android Package. Thanks the FreePascal team and the Lazarus team. Now Laz4Android is only run on for this! Last update FPC: (win32/arm-android/iandroid/jvm-android) Lazarus Android NDK: r14b (arm-linux-androideabi + x) to. Free Pascal is currently available for the following platforms: Linux-i - Linux-x86_64 (amd64) - Linux-powerpc - Linux-sparc - Linux-ARM - Wini ( /XP, WinNT or later) - Winx86_64 (XP or later) - Wince-ARM (cross compiled from wini) - FreeBSD-i - FreeBSD-x86_64 - Mac OS X/ Darwin for.

11 Sep fpc free download. FreePascal cross compiler suite I made this suite for give a boost for FreePascal ecosystem. I going to involve more feature. 17 Mar That would be /usr/local/bin, /usr/local/share and /usr/local/lib. Then create these links: sudo ln -sf /usr/local/lib/fpc//ppcarm /usr/local/bin/ppcarm sudo ln -sf / usr/local/lib/fpc//samplecfg /usr/local/bin/samplecfg. When I have the time, I wil probably include this in a script and maybe even a distribution. 29 May [EDIT: Please look here for more up-to-date instructions for Free Pascal with Lazarus ]. Since I wrote my original article about building FreePascal with Lazarus on the Raspberry Pi there have been a lot of developments. One of the challenges with this platform is that the rapid pace of change very.

29 Jun Hello, I have benchmarked FPC bit against the newest version of tdm- gcc bit and the FreePascal scimark2 benchmark is much better: Here is the scimark2 results on my Quadcore Q FPC bit gives: Mininum running time = seconds. Composite Score MFlops: fpc free download. jdt4fpc fpc port of Java Delaunay Triangulation library 11 May Hi, On SVN trunk is FPC , but I can't find ARM-WinCE units. Latest ARM-WinCE is on snapshot and it is from and in combination with SVN FPC it doesn't work. Where I can find SVN ARM-WinCE units for SVN FPC ? Thx. «Last Edit: May 11, , pm by.


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