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Those DLLs were based on the InfoZip Official Freeware Zip/Unzip source code, but are NOT equivalent to InfoZip's DLLs. The InfoZip source code has been modified to enhance their ease-of-use, power, and flexibility for use with Delphi and C++ Builder. Please do NOT contact InfoZip for issues regarding this port. NOTE: does not support Windows 97, 98 , ME. Install instructions. Pre-XE - Open ZMstrD*.dpk in Packages XE* - Open roj in Packages\ XE*. ZipMaster component. TZipMaster If the DLL is statically linked to the component then the IDE must be able to locate and load the DLL. It is also possible for.

Tools and Links. Developed and tested with Delphi 4, 7 and BDS The Dll is maintained with BDS but for smaller size compiled with Borland C++ Builder . TZipMaster Contents. TZipMaster component: TZipMaster component Reference. Types. TZMSFXOpt type · TZMSFXOpts type · TZMChangeFunction type. Contents - Index. How to Use and Store Relative Paths. 1) Set the AddOptions to AddRecurseDirs and AddDirNames: with ZipMaster1 do. AddOptions.

UnzipToFile(ZM[Idx], '') 0 then raise ('Unzip error: ' + ZM. ErrMessage); end; finally ; end; end; procedure ile1; var . Welcome to the Delphi Zip v This is the Delphi Edition for vaersion 4 and later only October 31, Major Changes Delphi versions supported not before 4 Directory Structure VCL - ZipMaster and ZipSFX files Packages - design- and run-time page files Dll - dlls and Dlls stored in resource Grid - sort grid (used in. 23 Nov Dear All, Anybody using open source tool Zip master for Delphi? I downloaded recently to zip multiple documents and which can be downloaded by user. I have a web application and usually whenever a.


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