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when cross building gdal with proj for mingw. I have dll for libproj but there is crash because of dll name check done in GDAL. one of my colleague pointed out that gdal checks for only libprojdll during runtime (gdal/ogr/). So either I must use PROJSO or create libprojdll. Maintaining env var everywhere seems. Package, Summary, Distribution, Download. html, Cartographic projection software (PROJ.4), Mageia 5 for x86_64, mingw · , Cartographic projection software (PROJ.4), Mageia 5 for i 4 Apr An other fix: set the environment variable PROJSO=libprojdll. But this won't work on WIN32CE (check ogr/) I see 2 options here: we duplicate the dll with the expected name - we add the PROJSO to the other environment variable needed to run apps & mvd (GDAL_DATA, GEOTIFF_CSV,).

Download · Installation · Using PROJ · Applications · Coordinate operations · Resource files · Geodesic calculations · Development · FAQ · Contributing · Glossary · License · References. PROJ Docs»; PROJ. PROJ¶. PROJ is a standard UNIX filter function which converts geographic longitude and latitude coordinates into. 12 Dec Your program cannot find the in system paths. It depends the source where you get libProj For example NextGIS Installer or OSGEO4W have their own shell to execute scripts and programs with necessary paths set. You can add path to in PATH environment variable or use following command in command. Download mingw32(libprojdll) packages for ALTLinux, Mageia.

Download mingw64(libprojdll) packages for Mageia. 8 Oct otool -L /usr/local/opt/gdal/lib/ /usr/local/opt/gdal/lib/libgdal. dylib: /usr/local/opt/gdal/lib/libgdaldylib (compatibility version , current version ) /usr/local/opt/proj/lib/libprojdylib (compatibility version , current version ) /usr/local/opt/json-c/lib/libjson-cdylib. Mageia 5, Fedora 21, fedora-secondary/releases/21/Everything/aarch64/os/Packages/m/mingwproj- Fedora


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