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Nunchaku training methods, combat & demo techniques, fundamentals, self defense applications, everything you need to know about Nunchakus, in this section. Learn nunchakus at home and earn rank in our complete white to black belt nunchakus course. You can train at home, online, or in the dojo in okinawan DVD + Digital Edition. 3 DVDs shipped to you; Instant Access to Streaming Edition; Student Training ; Official Student Enrollment. BUY THE DVD EDITION. The nunchaku is used by karate students in the practice of kobudo, a weapons art that evolved along with karate on Okinawa. The kobudo and nunchaku- training movements in this DVD presentation are based on karate movements, with the weapon being considered an extension of the hands and body. Famed teacher.

In this basics Nunchucks Techniques DVD, you will receive 12, take action techniques demonstrating control and striking techniques for real-life scenarios. Concepts from many different arts make up this tactical Nunchuck DVD. Very Important: It should be known, that this instruction video is considered a "short". While the. How to use the Nunchaku DVD This Nunchaku DVD video demonstrates how to use the Nunchaku and offers 35 beginner to advanced Nunchaku moves listed below: [CHOOSING YOUR NUNCHAKU] [GRIPPING THE NUNCHAKU] [BASIC NUNCHAKU SPINNING] [NUNCHAKU FIGURE 8 SPIN] [NUNCHAKU FIGURE 8 . I haven't bought any nunchaku DVDs, but I'm very curious about what's out there. Here's a list of all the nuchaku DVDs I can find (all titles are linked to ) - if you've bought or seen any of them, please write a review. The Lee Barden Series - · Advanced Chux for the.

One of 2 big weapons methods of Okinawa, the actual fighting technique of Nunchaku are introduced. High-class techniques from the basic skill of Nunchaku said as "the light of Ryukyu old martial arts" "the extreme speed weapon method", the traditional type, application techniques, in detailed guidance and commentary . Nunchaku: Stances, Drills, Techniques Vol. By Sensei Chuck Hansen. To purchase the whole set and SAVE 20% Off! please click here. Vol. 1: Introduction to Nunchaku: When it comes to martial arts, everyone knows Nunchaku. Now you can learn the fastest and flashiest techniques of this popular weapon through this .


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