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3 Oct Russian Revolution Powerpoint. 1. The Russian Revolution Unit 2 Notes; 2. Pre- Revolutionary Russia Only true autocracy left in Europe Nicholas II became last Russian czar in He believed he was the absolute ruler anointed by God ; 3. Russia's. Russia's Communist Revolution On a sheet of lined paper, title it Russian Revolution and write the following questions (make sure to leave room to answer them). Who was the leader of Russia before the Rev? Who were the Bolsheviks? Who was Alexandra? Who was Rasputin? What three things led to the. The Russian Revolution. Scott Masters. Crestwood College.. Pre-Revolutionary Russia. Only true autocracy left in Europe; No type of representative political institutions; Nicholas II became tsar in ; Believed he was the absolute ruler anointed by God; Russo-Japanese War () – defeat led to pol. instability.

Essential Question: How did Vladimir Lenin & the Bolsheviks transform Russia during the Russian Revolution in ? Warm Up Question: In the s, Czar Peter the Great expanded & modernized Russia. Peter introduced into Russia Western style navy, fashions, & city-planning. But in the s, Russia failed to keep. RUSSIAN REVOLUTION. 1. Why did the Czarist regime fail? How did the Bolsheviks eventually come to power? Who ruled Russia? The Romanov dynasty ruled for yrs. ( – ). If Czar was overthrown, industrial workers could govern Russia. 2. Nicholas II. Alexandra. Why was there a lack in confidence in the. Why was there a Communist revolution in Russia in ? Factors that led to the. Communist revolution. in The weakness. of Tsar Nicholas II. The discontent of the peasants. The discontent of the workers. Opposition of the Communists. The failure of the Duma. Russian failures in the First World War. The February.

Russian Revolution. Guided Notes. PowerPoint Presentation. A gruesome discovery In , a shallow grave, containing the bodies of seven people was discovered in a pit in rural Russia. A gruesome discovery It soon became clear to investigators that these bodies were the victims of a terrible murder. A gruesome. Russian Revolutions. Key Causes: New Society. Growing Urban Workforce; The industrial revolution came to Russia largely in the s industrialized society; Development in Russia was not as advanced as Britain; Russia's cities began to expand and large numbers of peasants moved to the cities to take up new jobs. The Russian Revolution Causes of the. Russian Revolution. Czar Nicholas II. Czar Nicholas II was unable or unwilling to deal with Russia's problems. The Russian people wanted to end absolute rule. Economic Aspects. The peasants wanted the noble's fertile lands. Factories proved unable to satisfy military and.


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