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S1 form for spain

To be eligible for health care entitlements whilst living in Spain you must first have been issued with the S1 (previously E) form for you and any members of your family. If you are thinking of moving to Spain, contact the UK Pension Service in Newcastleto ask them about the S1 form. Once registered with the Spanish. 17 Apr The S1 is a form was previously the E All those who are in receipt of a UK state retirement pension and wish to live in in Spain, should contact the UK Healthcare Team on +44 Once you have this form and if you are a resident, register this with the INSS Seguridad Social (social security). As from the 1st July , early retirees are no longer able to apply for a residual S1 form based on national insurance contributions. The NHS Choices website has more information about this change. If you are a worker seconded to Spain, or the family member of a someone making UK national insurance contributions, .

26 Oct I was originally entered on the Spanish NHS system as a dependent (I think they classify you as a "Beneficiario") some time ago when my wife started to get her UK state pension before I did. I got my own S1 form some time ago when I reached pension age. I did nothing about it at the time due to concerns. 25 Aug Once you have your S1 form and have registered it in Spain, you are also entitled to return to England to receive treatment for free, just like someone who is ordinarily resident in England. Since patients in England are required to make contributions towards the cost of their NHS care, such as paying. 12 Mar Check which country's social security system can cover your healthcare costs when you live in another EU country - for work, as a student or pensioner. Get an S1 form or an EHIC card to show you and your family are entitled to healthcare during your stay abroad.

Should you be relocating from the UK to Spain and are currently in receipt of a UK state pension, you will need to apply for an S1 certificate (replaces the existing E form) from the Overseas Healthcare Team in the UK. You will then need to register the S1 with your local INSS office (Instituto Nacional de Seguridad Social). Welcome to the New S1 Form thread on Eye on Spain. UK state pensioners or can register for healthcare in Spain by applying for an S1 (E) form from the Overseas Healthcare Team (+44) Those in receipt of a long-term sickness benefit can apply through the International Pension Centre (IPC) (+44) The form can take up to 28 days to arrive at.


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