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Documentary · An investigation into the science of laughter as a filmmaker searches to rediscover his own laugh. Laughology is a documentary film about the contagiousness of human laughter by Canadian filmmaker and Laughologist Albert Nerenberg. It is the first feature-length documentary about laughter. The documentary makes the case that laughter is the original peace signal and the human ability to share and transmit. Laughter. Plato hated it, the Bible discouraged it and the school you went to probably banned it. The first feature documentary on the subject, LAUGHOLOGY is a groundbreaking and "screamingly funny" odyssey into why we laugh and a look at those who would stop us. When Canadian filmmaker and journalist Albert .

: Laughology: Various, Albert Nerenberg: Movies & TV. Laughology features The Laughman, Doug Collins, a Memphis resident who is said to have the most contagious laugh in the world. This documentary helped me to understand why "laughter is the best medicine" and share that idea with others. Laughology, the first feature documentary about laughter says that Laughter Yoga, Laughter Parties, Laughercize and other laughter oriented health trends have spawned a new approach to laughter. It involves using laughter to make people laugh instead of jokes. Laughology features, “The Laughman”, Doug Collins. 7 Sep This infectious documentary explores the power of laughter. It's a matter of particular importance for director Albert Nerenberg (also a neuroscientist), who became intrigued by the subject after a devastating personal tragedy. Parsing the addictive and curative qualities of laughter, Laughology wouldn't be.

21 Apr Laughology, a the first feature documentary about laughter, originally commissioned by CTV, exposes the invention of laughter yoga, the Tanzanian laughter epidemic and the holy laughter phenomena, a bizarre church where people laugh for Jesus. It also features the man who is said to have “the most. Join us for a little laughter to ease the stress of the holidays! Laughology is a documentary about the contagiousness of human laughter by Canad.


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