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The fifth and final series of the British fantasy drama series Merlin began broadcasting on 6 October with the episode "Arthur's Bane (Part 1)" and ended on 24 December in the UK, with "The Diamond of the Day (Part 2)". It consists of 13 episodes shown on Saturday evenings on BBC One and BBC One HD. Merlin is a British fantasy-adventure television programme created by Julian Jones, Jake Michie, Julian Murphy, and Johnny Capps, starring Colin Morgan in the title role. It was broadcast on BBC One from 20 September to 24 December The show is loosely based on the Arthurian legends of the young wizard. Merlin. TV 5 Seasons. This family-oriented retelling of the King Arthur legend finds Merlin arriving in Camelot, where he hones his magic skills with the help of his uncle. Starring: Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath. Genres: TV Shows, British TV Shows, British TV Dramas, TV Action & Adventure, TV.

18 Jan Read Episdoe 1 - Long Live the King from the story Merlin Season 6 by MerlinEmrys4 (Merlin Emrys) with reads. merlin, season. For anyone Merlin realized he was backed against the cabinet so the last punch that he dodged he moved all the way around Arthur to stand behind him. Arthur's fist. The mythical city of Camelot, in a time before history began. A fantastical realm of legendary beasts and mysterious peoples. The kingdom is ruled by Arthur, with his kind wife Gwen at his side. Little does Arthur know his destiny is to be greatest kings in history, something his servant Merlin works to ensure. For Merlin is. 30 May Since Merlin ended in , its loyal fans have had their fingers crossed for a reboot, a film, a reunion. Basically anything which equals more of the Saturday night fantasy series. Sure, the final episode ended with the death of King Arthur and his adversaries Morgana and Mordred. But, hey, this show's.

14 Aug Following on from the end of series 5. Merlin meets Alba near the lake of Avalon. He discovers the truth about the triple Goddess and how part of her plans to destroy the world they have tried so hard to build. Can Merlin pay the necessary price for Arthur's life? There is a great evil waiting to be released and. Related Links. BBC News: On set with Merlin cast and crew · Colin Morgan ( Merlin) and Alexander Vlahos (Mordred) talk to BBC Breakfast about Series 5 · Merlin to cast final spell as creators reveal that current series will be the last. 26 Nov Well it looks like BBC's fantasy drama Merlin will be magically disappearing after season 5 – just when the series was really starting to pick up. Merlin Merlin finale Merlin and Arthur up a tree 'Merlin' Canceled After Season 5; The final season of Merlin hits the United States January 4, on Syfy on.


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