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Human body facts pdf

16 UNUSUAL FACTS ABOUT THE HUMAN BODY. 1: Tongue Print. Don't stick out your tongue if you want to hide your identity. Similar to fingerprints, everyone also has a unique tongue print! 2: Shedding. Your pet isn't the only one in the house with a shedding problem. Humans shed about , particles of skin every. " Facts About the Human Body" by Radhika Venkata. Page 3 of The author, publisher and distributors never give legal, accounting, medical or any other type of professional advice. The reader must always seek those services from competent professionals that can review their own particular circumstances. 28 Jul shouldn't be any surprise that even body parts and functions we deal with every day have bizarre or unexpected facts and explanations behind them. From sneezes to fingernail growth, here are. weird, wacky, and interesting facts about the human body. The Brain. The human brain is the most complex.

of the processes and functions of the structures seen on the right-hand pages. The second misconception is that the human body systems exist as separate entities. They cannot function separately. They are all interconnected and dependent on each other. Some of the same organs even belong to more than one system. Skeletal System. Interesting Facts: 1. Humans and giraffes have the same number of bones in their necks. Giraffes just have longer bones. 2. Humans have over moveable and semi-moveable joints. 3. The longest bone in your body is your femur. It is about ¼ of your total height. Human Biology. CHAPTER OUTLINE. Organization of the Human Body. Homeostasis. Carcinogens and Cancer. Air Pollution and Illness. . to move the body. You can watch a video about some of the specialized cells of the human body and how they function at this link: Consider these skin facts.

individual bones and muscles that make up the skeleton and musculature. It looks at the microscopic structures of bone, muscle cells,. Human body systems. This book is one of eight titles in THE FACTS ON. FILE ILLUSTRATED. GUIDE TO THE HUMAN. BODY series, which looks at each of the major body systems in turn. 40 fascinating and surprising facts about your body you may not have known!. THE HUMAN BODY is an introduction to the amazing and complicated machines we live in. This guide offers facts, interaction tips, and prompts for conversation as you and your child explore eight of the body's systems: NERVOUS. SKELETAL. RESPIRATORY. CIRCULATORY. DIGESTIVE. MUSCULAR. UROGENITAL.


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