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Orthopedic surgeons use Materialise OrthoView to plan, with digital x-rays, for primary and revision hip and knee arthroplasties as well as shoulder and small joint replacements, fracture management and deformity correction procedures. The pre-operative planning software is easy. If your OrthoView software was not purchased directly from Materialise and software support is needed, please start by contacting your OrthoView vendor directly. The Materialise OrthoView module offers orthopedic surgeons in a filmless environment a quick and accurate templating solution, integrated into an orthopedic PACS. The whole templating process can be done quickly and easily in four steps – doing the scaling, planning, templating and reporting. The module supports all.

ORTHOVIEW Orthopaedic Digital Templating for CARESTREAM PACS ORTHOVIEW orthopaedic templating solution enables surgeons to perform orthopaedic planning and templating pre operatively, using digital images. A cost effective licensing model allows concurrent use of workstation licenses. Templating is. Materialise Orthoview is the ultimate tool for surgical planning and preoperative templating. Ideal for joint reconstruction, trauma, pediatrics, spine & more. OrthoView is the leading software solution for orthopaedic digital pre-operative planning. It is an innovative solution that allows orthopaedic and veterinary surgeons to plan and template surgical procedures on-screen, making x-ray film and acetate templates a thing of the past. Since its launch in , the OrthoView digital.

OrthoView is used by over 10, orthopaedic surgeons worldwide to create and share their pre-operative plans and templates on-screen and online. Teaching hospitals use OrthoView to demonstrate best practice in digital pre-operative planning and templating. OrthoView is now part of Materialise, a leading provider of. OrthoView is an orthopaedic planning solution which offers the latest in digital templating for hip, knee, shoulder and all other joint replacements. OrthoView is a digital pre-operative planning solution that is easy to use and compatible with all PACS. Developed with input from orthopedic surgeons and prosthesis manufacturers, OrthoView provides surgeons worldwide with the facility to plan their p.


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